About Us

From its humble beginning in the 1920's to it's current glory.

The History

History of Marty's Place North. The building housing Marty's Place North has enjoyed a rich history as a farmhouse, a resort, and a restaurant-all carefully tended by a benevolent spirit who allegedly lives in the basement. But our resident ghost is only one link to the past. As you look around the , the massive elk rack mounted over the fireplace harkens back to the bellowing elk herds that once stampeded through the area around 235 acre Little Spider Lake. And locals can tell you of the man who carved the canoe lofted overhead, or the story of how each stone of the fireplace was dragged across the lake during a frigid winter long ago. During our massive remodeling in 1982, we worked hard with an imaginative interior designer to preserve the past while providing present-day comforts. Our "round room" gazebo is Marty\'s pride and joy, serving as the central focus for the restaurant. And the unique, antique schoolhouse and hospital operating room light fixtures glisten as in days of old, shining down upon our valued guests and friends.

We are proud of our past, and hope you enjoy the present with us. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.



2721 US Hwy. 51 N Arbor Vitae, WI 54568
Open Thursday through Monday at 4:00
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